What to do if you don’t get along with a co-worker

Wouldn’t work be a dream if you could always work with people you got along with? Unfortunately, as with every aspect of life, we can’t always pick the people we are surrounded by at work or control their behaviours in certain situations. When it comes to tense...

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Kids Under 16 Turned Away From Shelters For Being Too Young

This article is a repost, originally found on the Canberra Times website here. Children without a safe place to sleep in Canberra are being turned away from shelters because they are too young. In 2019, and a city as affluent as Canberra, Justin Barker from Youth...

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Youth Homelessness in the ACT

Every night in Australia, there are around 116,000 people who sleep without a roof over their head. That’s a disheartening 50 homeless persons for every 10,000 Australians. While these numbers may come as a shock to the average Australian, homelessness in the country...

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Conflict Resolution Service celebrates its 30th anniversary

Last Tuesday marked Conflict Resolution Service's 30th-anniversary with an evening to remember. We are grateful to everyone who attended our anniversary event. From our chair discussing the future of conflict resolution in the ACT, to our founder looking back at our...

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