Conflict Resolution Service are now providing free support and advice over the phone. 

Unfortunately, especially in Australia, we have been faced with a series of unfortunate events with bushfires, flooding and now COVID-19.

2020 has been a year of challenges that will continue to affect the entire nation for a substantial period of time. Challenges with different work locations, job or position, children being out of school for long periods and increasing social distancing restrictions. 

Conflict can impact everyone, and many people will experience conflict during this period. It is important to understand how other people are also feeling and communicating with each other in a positive and forward-thinking manner. 

One of the most concerning things about the current pandemic is that family conflict is the highest contributing factor to youth homelessness and is one of two top reasons for divorces. When conflict or stress impacts one area of a persons life, it causes emotion, financial and social disadvantage across all areas of their life.

Conflict Resolution Service are committed to early intervention to high conflict situations and we will be offering additional services to the Canberra and surround community:

  • Free phone advice & support to people who are experiencing conflict within their neighbourhood;
  • Free phone advice & support to people who are experiencing conflict within the family home; and
  • Free phone advice to families who are currently living within a ‘in house separation’ model.

Call 6189 0590 to speak with one of our highly trained and experienced practioners today.


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