Conflict Resolution Service

A nationally accredited mediation service that resolves conflict professionally, competently and compassionately.

  • As a not-for-profit organisation we are the leading alternative dispute resolution service in the Australian Capital Territory.
  • As accredited professionals we work in partnerships with courts and are the preferred provider for Government, businesses, the community and individuals to resolve conflict.
  • In a distinctive way we respect the rights and voices of all parties engaged in resolving conflict.
  • We are the only locally based Nationally Accredited Mediation Training organisation.

What we offer

For 30 years, our network of professional practitioners has provided confidential, effective resolution services to the people of the ACT and surrounding region.

YOGIE Award Winners 2019

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Hanna Jaireth Wins Michael Klug Award

Conflict Resolution Service is proud to announce that Hanna Jaireth, CRS Panel Mediator has won the Resolution Institute Michael Klug Award 2020. Hanna has been recognised for her work in reviewing the Farm Debt Mediation Act 1994 (NSW) (“the FDM Act”) in 2017-2018 as...

Safe & Connected Youth Program – Extended until June 2021

Today the ACT Government announced the extension of the Safe & Connected Youth Program until June 2021. This is a welcomed announcement for Conflict Resolution Service and the other partner organisations involved in the project. Safe & Connected Youth Program...

Free Phone Support & Advice

Conflict Resolution Service are now providing free support and advice over the phone.  Unfortunately, especially in Australia, we have been faced with a series of unfortunate events with bushfires, flooding and now COVID-19. 2020 has been a year of challenges that...

What to do when your neighbour’s pet becomes a pet peeve

Taming the “war next door” and learning how to best negotiate mutual resolutions with your neighbours, has been a key topic over the past few months… But what if the key reason for your concerns or frustrations isn’t a person? What if it’s your neighbour’s pet? How do...

Mirjana Wilson Joins CRS!

Domestic violence action advocate Mirjana Wilson will join the board of Canberra’s Conflict Resolution Service, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge about combining service skills and changing the community conversation around conflict. Mirjana was the Chief...

‘Sound-testing’ neighbourhood relationships

‘Tis the season for parties, which means noise may be a few decibels higher than normal in our otherwise reasonably quiet neighbourhoods and streets. While this is a reasonable expectation to be aware of in coming months, whether you’re throwing a party or on the...

Putting tomorrow’s generation first today

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children”. Unfortunately for Australia, we have some work to do in restoring the state of our soul in this sense; all while advocating and caring...

Building-up conflict resolution to construct a restorative city

Over Conflict Resolution Service’s 30+ years of working with diverse members of the community, contributing to the resolution of varying disputes, and employing diverse and evolving service types… One thing has remained the same – our overarching vision of working...

The unspoken epidemic of elder abuse

“Respect your elders,” an age-old term that we’ve all heard time and time again. Although this aphorism has been a staple for many years, it doesn’t appear that all members of the Australian community have been practicing this preached behavior. The issue of elder...

The war next-door: How to settle a neighbourhood dispute

Whether you’re looking to improve your house, want to get rid of that ugly tree hanging over your fence, or you think your neighbours are “just a bunch of scoundrels who party with loud music far too often”. These pain-points amongst a multitude of other reasons can...

Resolving Conflict in Canberra


Conflict Resolution Service is a registered not-for-profit Organisation that has been supporting the Canberra Region in Dispute Resolution Services for over 30 years.  Our professional services include:

  • family dispute resolution
  • community mediation
  • crisis mediation to prevent youth homelessness
  • conflict coaching for families and individuals
  • community education
  • workplace consultations
  • training and professional development for individuals and organisations.


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