Family Connections Program

We are delighted to have officially launched the Family Connections Program in partnership with mHub Canberra with a key focus on protecting youth from homelessness, improving and repairing family connections and relationships.

If you are experiencing family conflict or want to improve family relationship, are between the ages of 15 – 24, Conflict Resolution Service (CRS) is able to provide you support through our Family Connections program.

The Family Connections Program is free to access.

We are holding the view that effective support for vulnerable families cannot be provided in an uncoordinated, transactional way, which sees only problems rather than people and fails to comprehend the entirety of a family’s life. The result is escalating problems, poor outcomes often perpetuated across generations, and unmanageable flows into reactive, statutory systems, which is overwhelming for society.

Family Connections is a collaborative program between Conflict Resolution Services (CRS) and Multicultural Hub (mHub), with a focus on providing inclusive support to young people and their families in addressing family conflicts, enhancing well-being, and reducing the risk of youth homelessness.

The program works with all young people aged 15-24 and their families with a focus on the multicultural community to create an inclusive and accessible service.

This initiative places a strong emphasis on early intervention, aiming to create a supportive environment that empowers young people and their families to build stronger relationships. Whether through family counselling, communication coaching, or family mediation, the program’s goal is to reduce the risk of youth homelessness and nurture the overall welfare of all family members.


The program is free and open to young people aged 15-24 and their families.

Tailored Support

Offering cultural sensitivity, trauma-informed practices, youth empowerment, and a collaborative, family-centered approach.


Providing family mediation and preparation services.


Focusing on early and therapeutic intervention.

Counselling and Coaching

Offering family counselling, communication coaching, and relationship improvement.

Reunification Focus

With the primary aim of preventing youth homelessness.

Family Well-Being

Enhancing family well-being through conflict reduction.


Emphasizing outcomes and results.

Anyone who wants to access the program for themselves or someone they know, can call CRS on (02) 6189 0590 or fill in a referral form on our website with following link:

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