Conflict Resolution Service Membership Program is for anyone with an interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Our membership program offers various levels of memberships for individuals who are students, mediators, family dispute resolution practitioners, conflict coaches, conciliators, facilitators, lawyers, managers, or any person who assists others to resolve conflict.

Keep informed with a quartely CRS
Early access to seminars, CRS Mediation Training, and other learning
Access to e-learning modules and resources through a member portal on the CRS website.xx
Invitation to networking seminars (twice yearly).xx
Assistance in meeting continuous professional development requirements such as being part of role plays and coaching during CRS Mediation Training.xx
Access to early bird rates for CRS Mediation Training and advanced learning.xx
Coverage under CRS complaints handling service.x
Use of CRS Mediation Panel logo.x
Referred paid work including mediations and mediation training coaching/assessments.x
Access to monthly supervision.x
Online profile on CRS website.x
Student: $20

* requirements to conduct coaching during mediation training involve members to be an accredited mediator pursuant to the NMAS of at least two years or who have at least 50 hours mediation experience and who provide written feedback to the trainees they have observed.

Upon registering to become a member of CRS, an invoice will be generated and sent out to the email provided at the time of registration. Payment of the invoice is payable within 14 days from its date. Membership will not be activated until payment is made. Further information may be requested to ensure that the correct membership type has been selected, at the discretion of CRS.

A CRS Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

The Associate and Professional Memberships rates are pro-rata for new members only. These memberships are calculated using the following method:

 Cost = Annual fee / 365 times by the remaining days left in the financial year (from the date of the invoice is generated)


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