Conflict Resolution Service is proud to announce that Hanna Jaireth, CRS Panel Mediator has won the Resolution Institute Michael Klug Award 2020. Hanna has been recognised for her work in reviewing the Farm Debt Mediation Act 1994 (NSW) (“the FDM Act”) in 2017-2018 as well as her contribution to the development and support for the enactment of similar legislation in New Zealand in 2019.

Michael Klug, a founder of LEADR, established the Award in 2009. The Resolution Institute’s Board select recipients who have contributed to the peaceful resolution of conflict in the best interests of the community.

In relation to her work, Dr Jaireth says that farm debt mediation aims to provide high quality and inexpensive access to justice outside of the court system.

“Mediation enables farmers to negotiate their preferred options for resolving their financial difficulties in a confidential, dignified setting.  In farm debt mediation, farmers can communicate openly and confidentially with creditors to explore options like refinancing or restructuring loans or changing the nature of the farm business so that it is more sustainable and resilient.” Dr Hanna Jarieth said.

When presenting the Award to Dr Jaireth, CEO of Resolution Institute, Amber Williams said “the Board of Resolution Institute acknowledges your significant contribution towards ensuring the review of the Farm Debt Mediation Act (NSW), and that it was subsequently adopted in New Zealand. Through the adoption of this Act, your efforts have aided the peaceful settlement of numerous conflicts between farmers and their creditors.”

Dr Hanna Jaireth is a valued member of the CRS mediation panel and continues to provide support, innovation, and knowledge to the team. She says mediation as a way of resolving financial disputes is efficient, and equitable.

The CRS Panel of Mediators are highly skilled and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. CRS is very proud of Dr Jaireth’s work and achievements in highlighting the importance and powerful nature of mediation.

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