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Conflict Resolution Service offers a variety of training courses to suit your individual or business needs.

Conflict Resolution Service is approved by the National Mediators Standard Board to provide the Mediator Training Course.

Mediation Training


Mediating effectively is an artform; it is not something that can be taught through slideshows or lectures. This is why CRS uses unique activity based approach to teaching the skills, techniques and processes of facilitating a mediation.

communication and conflict training


This workshop is an introduction to the topic of conflict and effective communication strategies, for better understanding and responding to disputes in the workplace, family, and community.

Introduction to Facilitation and negotiation


Whether you facilitate staff meetings or find yourself negotiating competing needs and requests, having a comprehensive and effective approach will lead to better outcomes. CRS’s Introduction to Facilitation and Negotiation is designed to enhance participants skills to plan for, facilitate, and follow up on negotiations.

Advanced mediation training


This course is designed to assist existing NMAS accredited Mediators to further enhance their skillset and hone their understanding and ability to help disputing parties to identify issues, discuss concerns, generate and consider options, and achieve the best outcomes for clients.

Customised training for corporates


We can assist you to select a standard training program or design a tailored program to specifically meet the needs of your industry, organisation or group.

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