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Conflict Resolution Service offers various pathways for you to resolve your situation. Our Practitioners will discuss with you the best option according to your needs.


Mediation is a way to bring people together to talk about any problem. It is a step-by-step way to talk through issues and work through challenges.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a process where, during a session, a coach can work one-on-one with an individual who is experiencing conflict with another person or people.


Often the parties in a facilitation session would not see themselves as “in dispute”, or in need of mediation, but simply in need of assistance to facilitate communication or decision-making.

Restorative Conferencing

The Conflict Resolution suite of services provides people with a restorative process that focuses on the relationship between people, common interests and goals, and how to work together moving forward.

Key Programs and Services

Family and Youth Programs

Workplace Mediation

Family Dispute Resolution

Conflict Resolution Training Programs

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