Wills & Estates

How estate disputes are settled

The majority of disputes regarding wills and estates do not go to court but rather, are settled through a mediation process. Through mediation, a service is provided whereby the individuals involved in any kind of disagreement about settling wills or estates can come together to sort out these disagreements. The mediator employs a structured negotiation process assisting parties to achieve their own resolution to the dispute without the involvement of the court or a dependence on lawyers.


Reaching agreements with other parties who are most likely family members offers many advantages:

  • Mediation greatly reduces the financial burden of legal proceedings and is quickly employed
  • Mediation also reduces the emotional costs that occur when a family disagreement becomes public
  • Through mediation, ongoing relationships as family members is likely to work better
  • People may improve communication skills that will enable easier resolution of disputes in the future
  • Mediation usually removes the suffering that occurs when important relationships break down

As a result of mediating a will or estate, participants can not only make decisions about the future but will be given the opportunity to transform feelings of bitterness and start, if they choose to, the process of repairing that relationship.

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