Neighbourhood Disputes

Neighbourhood Disputes

People often get very upset about problems with their neighbours, and it is easy to understand why. There is a lot at stake because conflict with a neighbour can make people feel uncomfortable or even unsafe in their own home.

Some neighbourhood conflict happens because people see their home and their neighbourhood in different ways. For example, neighbours living next door to one another might have problems if one wants peace and quiet, and the other wants a workshop or a place to party.

Disputes also occur sometimes when people have to share space with their neighbours. For example, disagreements can occur over changes to boundaries such as fences or trees and shrubs, or over use of driveways or common areas.

Some of the most common neighbourhood disputes are about:

  • Fences;
  • Trees/shrubs/plants;
  • Noise;
  • Lifestyle/environmental issues;
  • Children or teenager’s behaviour;
  • Dogs and other animals;
  • Invasion of privacy.

But these challenges can be overcome if everyone is genuinely willing to try and if people feel safe to agree and disagree with each other.

Disputes can often be resolved when people can focus on the problem and not the person and work together to find solutions that everyone can live with.

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