Roleplay Coaching Form

Roleplay Coaching Form

  • Mediators Names
  • Coach
  • Date
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Roleplay Name
  • Mediation Process: Preparation to List of Issues

    Mediation Process: Preparation to List of Issues
  • Preparation
  • Introductions: Explains mediation, consent form (voluntary, confidential, parties make decisions, mediators impartial, not legal forum)
  • Introductions: Explains mediation process, breaks, time constraints, ground rules
  • Party Statements: Manages parties, writes down statements
  • Summaries: Reads back statements using reported speech
  • List of issues: Neutral language, mutualised issues
  • Notes | Preparation to List of Issues
  • Mediation Process: Exploration

    Mediation Process: Exploration
  • Explains stage
  • Summarises & paraphrases
  • Reframes, probes, hypotheticals
  • Assists parties to state needs and interests
  • Identifies mutual ground
  • Assists parties to move from past to future
  • Notes | Exploration
  • Mediation Process: Option Generation

    Mediation Process: Option Generation
  • Explains purpose of step
  • Explains process and estimated duration
  • Notes | Option Generation
  • Mediation Process: Private Sessions

    Mediation Process: Private Sessions
  • Start / end times noted
  • Equal time for both parties
  • Identify BATNAS / WATNAS
  • Reality Testing
  • Notes | Private Sessions
  • Mediation Process: Negotiation

    Mediation Process: Negotiation
  • Both parties contribute
  • Facilitate discussion of options
  • Test options
  • Note areas of agreement
  • Notes | Negotiation
  • Mediation Process: Outcome Statement

    Mediation Process: Outcome Statement
  • Clarifies details
  • Uses parties words
  • Includes action items, future disputes
  • Balanced, ethical & clear
  • Notes any impasses
  • Notes | Negotiation
  • Mediation Process: Closing Statement

    Mediation Process: Closing Statement
  • Congratulates parties on their mediation
  • Clarifies confidentiality
  • Encourages parties to come back to mediation at any time.
  • Notes | Outcome Statement
  • Mediator Skills

    Mediator Skills
  • Clear language
  • Uses a range of techniques to assist parties to understand each other and identify underlying interests
  • Appropriate interventions
  • Used active listening skills
  • Controlled interruptions
  • Neutral body language
  • Non-judgmental
  • Monitors power imbalances
  • Overall

  • Feedback
  • Considerations for future mediations
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