Conflict Resolution for Seniors

Conflict Resolution for Seniors (CR4S)

CR4S is an ACT Government-funded trial service offered by Conflict Resolution Services.

The program aims to improve the awareness of older Canberrans, their families, and assisting professionals with the benefits of dispute resolution services for the prevention of intergenerational conflict and elder abuse.

Elder abuse, or older person abuse, is an act within a relationship of trust – between the older person and family member or carer – that causes harm or distress to that older person. Elder abuse often goes unnoticed and unreported, but the World Health Organisation (WHO’s) research suggests that 1 in 6 older people have experienced abusive behaviour in the last year.

The Conflict Resolution Service has over 30 years of experience in providing dispute resolution services in Canberra. Because of the very personal nature of elder abuse, many older people do not want to initiate legal proceedings. This is the reason that we offer several different dispute resolution services, ranging from formal mediation sessions to more informal facilitated conversations and restorative processes. Each serviceĀ  that we offer is voluntary, confidential, non-adversarial, impartial, and emphasises self-determination.

Processes That May Help

Dispute Resolution Processes, suchb as mediation, facilitated conversations, and restorative processes provided by CRS, can help Canberrans and their families to:

  • Manage, prevent and resolve problems and disputes with others;
  • Discuss difficult topics around ageing and the care of an older person;
  • Create plans for the future, e.g. health, finances and living arrangements;
  • Avoid the high financial cost and broken relationships of going to court;
  • Make their own decisions;
  • Preserve important family relationships.

Whichever format is selected, a support person may be recommended for the older person to assist in communicating what they want to say.

Before contacting CRS about arranging mediation, facilitated conversation, or a restorative process, you may want to discuss your personal circumstances or your concerns for an older person with the following organisations for more information.

More Information

Looking for more information? Download our Elder Abuse brochures to learn about what elder abuse is and where you can find help.

Conflict Resolution for Seniors

Information about elder abuse in the ACT

Conflict Resolution for Seniors

Information for older Canberrans

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