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Conflict Resolution Service welcomes feedback, both positive and negative, as a guide for continuous improvement.  We support the right of stakeholders to make a complaint and for that complaint to be addressed in a timely and sensitive manner without bias or discrimination against anyone involved.   

By submitting this form to Conflict Resolution Service, you are confirming that you would like this information treated as a complaint, and as such understand that Conflict Resolution Service will follow its Complaints Policy.  Please contact if you would like further information about this policy. 

Complaint Form

  • 1. Your Information

  • 2. Your Concerns

  • To the best of your ability, please give an overview of the concerns you have with the service/s provided by Conflict Resolution Service. Where possible, please give specific examples, dates, name of Conflict Resolution Service staff members etc, to support your concerns.
  • 3. Permission to speak with other services

  • On occasion, it may be necessary for the Conflict Resolution Service to speak with individuals (including staff of other services) outside of the Conflict Resolution Service, in order to gain additional information about your complaint. Are there any other individuals who Conflict Resolution Service may contact to assist with additional information about your complaint? (Please add specific comments on any information you would like Conflict Resolution Service to keep confidential from the individual, otherwise Conflict Resolution Service will assume any aspect of your complaint can be discussed with the person/s you have nominated below)
  • 4. Your Expected Outcome of the Complaint

  • In raising your concerns with the Conflict Resolution Service, what outcome are you expecting? Please be advised the Conflict Resolution Service reserves the right to determine a suitable outcome based on its review and investigations.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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