Conflict Coaching

What is conflict coaching?

Conflict coaching is a process where during a session, a coach can work one-on-one with an individual who is experiencing conflict with another person or people. The coach will endeavour to support the individual to utilise a set of skills or strategies in managing or resolving the dispute. The individual is able to talk about the conflict with the conflict coach so that together they can consider the options for managing the conflict with strategies they feel they can successfully employ.

Conflict coaching can be useful in a wide variety of situations, including conflicts in the workplace, between separated parents, relationship issues, community groups, business disputes and neighbourhood disagreements. The coach can be a listener and assist the individual to assess the options available and also to help them to understand what others may be experiencing.

The goal is to assist the person to develop greater clarity about the situation for all involved. After deciding on a plan of action, the coaching may involve some rehearsal of alternate ways of speaking and responding to the conflict. A specific plan may be employed of how to approach the other person with the view of entering into a conversation about the conflict. Through being prepared with a plan, the individual can make that approach confidently and effectively.


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