Working with Conflict Resolution Service

Conflict Resolution Service is a nationally accredited mediation service that resolves conflict professionally, competently and compassionately.

  • As a not-for-profit organisation we are the leading alternative dispute resolution service in the Australian Capital Territory.
  • As accredited professionals we work in partnerships with courts and are the preferred provider for Government, businesses, the community and individuals to resolve conflict.
  • In a distinctive way we respect the rights and voices of all parties engaged in resolving conflict.
  • We are the only locally based Nationally Accredited Mediation Training organisation.

As a charitable organisation, Conflict Resolution Service keeps costs low to ensure the Canberra Region can access services they require in a time of need.

Conflict Resolution Service is a registered not-for-profit Organisation that has been supporting the Canberra Region in Dispute Resolution Services for over 30 years.  Our professional services include:

  • family dispute resolution
  • community mediation
  • crisis mediation to prevent youth homelessness
  • conflict coaching for families and individuals
  • community education
  • workplace consultations
  • training and professional development for individuals and organisations.

Services are offered to individuals, government agencies and the private sector. CRS is funded by the ACT Government with additional income being generated through fees for commercial mediation, facilitation and training.

Current Vacancies

Lead Trainer

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CRS are now open from Monday - Thursday 8:30am to 4:30pm

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