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Operations Manager

The Operations Manager role will work closely with the Chief Executive Officer to deliver on the strategic direction of the organisation.  This position will primarily be responsible for increasing the fee for service area of the Organisation.  This position will have extensive knowledge and experience in conflict resolution, community & corporate stakeholder management and have worked in high level senior management positions.  Additionally, this person will have proven experience in sales including initiatives to drive donations and corporate sponsors.

Expressions of interest for the Operations Manager position close 12 July 2019.

For further information: executive@crs.org.au

Dispute and Training Practitioner

The Dispute and Training Practitioner will undertake all initial screening, assessment, mediation and provide conflict coaching where appropriate to those who are experiencing a range of disputes in particular Neighbourhood Disputes.  This position will be based at Housing ACT one day per week to work with Housing ACT tenant managers and clients.
The position is also responsible for providing dispute resolution training, customised training and supporting the organisation to provide Accredited Mediation training.

Expressions of interest for the Dispute & Training Practitioner position close 28 June 2019.

For further information: executive@crs.org.au

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