Effective Dispute Resolution

Every relationship has its problems from time to time. When those problems take a toll on our health, our finances and our family, it’s time to act. Conflict doesn’t have to be endured – it can be prevented, managed and resolved.

We at CRS are passionate about tackling the heavy costs of conflict across the community. For 30 years, our network of professional practitioners has provided a free, confidential and effective service to the people of the ACT and region.

We are Canberra’s leading provider of community dispute resolution services, and the trusted name in professional training and accreditation. Our model of mediation is highly regarded for its capacity to effectively support family and relationship based high conflict situations.

Whatever your dispute, we can help you to build a solution that is:

  • Confidential: a safe environment where your privacy is paramount
  • Impartial: a neutral broker working with all sides for a lasting solution
  • Affordable: our service is free for low-income earners
  • Easy to use: one phone call connects you to Canberra’s leading network and a full range of services
  • Trusted: we’ve been working since 1988 for families, neighbourhoods, schools and businesses.
  • Dedicated to the community: CRS is funded by the ACT Government and committed to the service of local people. We work in very close collaboration with most of Canberra’s community support services and public benevolent institutions.

The majority (more than 90%) of CRS service delivery involves providing community mediation, crisis mediation to prevent youth homelessness and conflict coaching for families and individuals. CRS also provides community education, workplace consultations, training and professional development for individuals and organisations.

Nationally Accredited Mediation Training

5th - 8th & 13th - 15th June 2017 (plus 20 June for Assessments), CANBERRA

$150 Discount applies to Early Bird Registrations

“Mediation is a powerful skills-set for your career”

Visit Training in Mediation for more information on the program, dates and costs.

Training Course Options for 2017

2 Day Conflict Resolution Training - 2017

Conflict Resolution Training is a 2 day course that teaches you the conflict resolution process and effective strategies to prevent, manage and resolve disputes in the workplace, family and community.

To register or enquire about the course, email training@crs.org.au or download the Conflict Resolution Training Brochure and Registration Form

To receive updated information and be included in the CRS e-distribution list for any future training, email training@crs.org.au.

Position Vacancies

There are currently no vacancies at the CRS.


From time to time, the CRS is is seeking to recruit suitably trained mediators to join the CRS Panel of Sessional Mediators.

For more information on the requirements of the position, click CRS Mediator Information Package and for an Application Form, click CRS Mediator Application Form

Mediator Professional Development

CRS offers workshops and seminars for Mediators and other Practitioners who work in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  • CRS professional development sessions cover a range of topics to provide professional development opportunities to those who utilize and practice dispute resolution.
  • Practitioners can expand on existing practice and knowledge with current information in order to achieve exceptional outcomes for clients.
  • With lively discussions on theory and practice with industry peers, sessions are an excellent forum for sharing experiences and gaining new insights.
  • Practical exercises allow participants to develop new skills or refine established techniques.
  • Group Supervision sessions allows mediators to share their practical experiences of cases they have worked on by talking through what worked, the challenges, what they learnt. Mediator supervision sessions are an excellent opportunity to ask peers and the group supervisor for assistance on improving practices, techniques and how to handle a certain type of mediation/client in future.

To receive updated information on professional development opportunities email training@crs.org.au to be added to the e-distribution list.

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