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Sources of information

It is always useful to know where you stand and what your rights and responsibilities are as a neighbour. Below are some common issues and sources of information and advice.

Animal nuisance

An animal nuisance exists if an animal causes:

  • Damage to property owned by a person other than the keeper
  • Excessive noise, or
  • Danger to the health of an animal or a person other than the keeper

For more information contact Domestic Animal Services

Fences and structures, construction

For information on construction and obligations go to ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate


    Home business

    For more information or if you have concerns about the impact of a home business, go to ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate


    Long grass, dirty blocks

    Concerns can be reported to ACT Fire and Rescue


      Trees affecting neighbouring properties can be a cause of dispute. Many disputes can be resolved through communication between neighbours.

      For more information, visit Transport Canberra and City Services


        Air and water

        There is a total ban on the burning of garden and other waste in urban areas. Indoor fires, including slow combustion stoves, must be managed to minimise smoke emissions. Discharge of any waste into the stormwater system is an offence.

        For information contact ACT Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development


          Anti-social behaviour

          Acts or threats involving violence, malicious property damage or theft and dangerous or noisy operation of motor vehicles should be reported to the ACT Police.
          For more information contact ACT Police

          For routine enquiries contact your local police station or ring the police switchboard: 6256 7777

          For police to attend: 13 14 44

          For life-threatening emergencies only: 000


          If you have concerns about excessive noise, you can contact Access Canberra

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          CRS are now providing a free mediation service for tenants and landlords on behalf of the ACT Government in response to COVID-19.

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