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Conflict Resolution Services’ (CRS) Mediation Training is not like any other course available in Australia. Teamed with Naractiv, we have incorporated theatre-based learning which results in a collaborative and exciting style of learning, participation, and practice. Heavy theory-based courses are not the way we run things. CRS and Naractiv bring you a fun, activity filled course that takes you through each step of the mediation process while highlighting important skills needed to become a proficient mediator.

Mediation Training also includes an online portal for participants to access information, watch videos and ask questions directly to the trainers and coaches or in an open forum with the other participants. 

Inclusion of Mediation as a preferred mode of dispute resolution is becoming increasingly incorporated into State and Commonwealth legislation (eg Family Law, Workplace Disputes) with the emphasis in moving disputes away from adversarial processes and into more collaborative systems.

CRS Mediation Training combines up-to-date theory and practice with opportunities for role plays and workshops, one-on-one coaching and personalised feedback.


The course will take participants through:

  • The philosophy, principles and ethics of mediation
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Understanding conflict
  • Cross-cultural issues
  • Power dynamics
  • Screening and assessing disputes
  • The stages of mediation
  • Debriefing and reporting
  • Negotiation techniques and skills
  • Operating as a sole or team practitioner


Participants will graduate with:

  • The practical skills to diagnose and respond to conflict;
  • The insight to tailor practices and strategies to different settings, including workplaces, commercial relationships, families, neighbourhoods and schools;
  • Confidence in working within different cultural contexts and responding appropriately to individual relationship dynamics and emotional needs; and
  • The qualification to a rewarding career in mediation.


Successful completion of this training will satisfy the training requirements under the National Mediation Accreditation Standards; and meet pre-requisite Mediation Training requirements to undertake further studies towards accreditation as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

The course is designed to support the practice of Mediation and Co-Mediation across a broad range of government and private sectors including various industries, agencies and community groups.




Day 1:
Monday 1st November 2021
Day 2:
Tuesday 2nd November 2021
Day 3:
Wednesday 3rd November 2021
Day 4:
Thursday 4th November 2021
Day 5:
Friday 5th November 2021
Monday 8th November 2021

Day 1:
Monday 22nd November 2021
Day 2:
Tuesday 23rd November 2021
Day 3:
Wednesday 24th November 2021
Day 4:
Thursday 25th November 2021
Day 5:
Friday 26th November 2021
Monday 29th November 2021


Online – $3,200

Face-to-Face – $3,500



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