Introduction to Facilitation and Negotiation

The Program

Whether you facilitate staff meetings or find yourself negotiating competing needs and requests, having a comprehensive and effective approach will lead to better outcomes. CRS’s Introduction to Facilitation and Negotiation is designed to enhance participants skills to plan for, facilitate, and follow up on negotiations.

Learning to facilitate negotiations can help you to work towards win-win outcomes, resolve conflicts and impasses, and improve your soft skills to better get what you want in your career and personal life.

The participatory nature of this one-day training will mean that you will have opportunities to rehearse the skills learnt and receive expert, individual coaching and feedback.



  • An understanding of the purposes of facilitation and negotiation
  • The ability to utilise the effective communication skills required in facilitation and negotiation
  • A process to structure these often-difficult conversations
  • The confidence to work towards win-win outcomes

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