Registration & Selection of Mediators

Who are the Mediators at CRS?

CRS aims to appoint as mediators people from all walks of life available to serve the community in which they live.

CRS aims to have a panel of Mediators that broadly represent a cross-section of the community taking into consideration age, gender, availability, ethnic and cultural background or specific program needs.

No special occupational or educational qualifications are required to become a generalist mediator on the CRS panel.

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What qualifications do mediators need?

Before being considered for appointment to the mediation panel:

  • Applicants must have completed basic mediator training in the community justice model and;
  • Registration requirements must have been met and recorded with the ACT Department of Justice and Community Safety.

Applicants selected for appointment will be required to pay a fee for inclusion on the CRS panel and are required to comply with the CRS Requirements For Maintaining Panel Membership And Registration As A Mediator guidelines.

The capacity to make an appointment is limited to the vacancies identified on the CRS panel at any given time.

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How are mediators chosen?

The selection process for CRS mediators involves a series of stages aimed at ensuring the suitability of applicants.

Applicants are required to lodge an application for inclusion on the CRS panel providing demographic information and addressing matters such as availability, geographic location, and ability to travel.

Applicants will be required to participate in a mentoring program with the Service which may involve up to two mediation sessions with a registered mediator.

Where the Professional Standards Officer has been directed by the Executive officer to convene an assessment panel for selection, all registered applicants will be notified in writing.

The assessment stage involves the selection of an assessment panel comprised of the Professional Standards Officer as Convenor and two qualified assessor mediators.

The Selection Panel will be required to make a selection on the following criteria:

1. The suitability of an applicant to act as a mediator for the Service; and
2. Whether the applicant meet the demographic and availability criteria;

The process used by the Selection Panel for making an assessment on suitability may involve:

1. Information relating to the mentored mediation session; and
2. Personal interview, if one is considered necessary.

The Professional Standards officer will make a recommendation to the Executive Officer for appointment to the CRS panel. The Executive Officer has the discretion in relation to making appointments.

Applicants who have not been appointed may wish to appeal the decision in writing, stating the reasons for the review, to the CRS Board of Management. A decision by the CRS Board of Management is final.

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